Monday, July 17, 2017

Our Energy Account

I have several tasks around our home on Saturday mornings. One of those tasks is to wind our clocks. We have two old timepieces which chime on the hour and half-hour. The springs in those old clocks are their source of energy. However, they have to be wound-up; otherwise, the clocks are only correct twice a day and they are silent. By being wound-up I don't mean becoming anxious, nervous, tense, etc. Rather, I mean securing the energy to keep on ticking and chiming-in appropriately. When I've run out of energy, I'm usually not very reliable, make mistakes, over-react and I chime-in at the wrong time. My source of energy or being wound-up is a daily time of meditation/silence. It is a good practice to discern what deposits energy into our energy accounts and what debits or drains our energy account. Failure to make this discernment and practice regular energy deposits, may cause our energy account to become bankrupt.

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