Sunday, June 19, 2011

Hurry and Gentleness don't go together

Judy and I have recently returned from supporting a friend who became an Associate Franciscan with the Sisters of Tiffin. As we were returning home, we talked about how gentle and hospitable the Sisters were to us. I reflected that my experiences with the Monks at the Abbey of Gethsemani had the same feel. What was it about these women and men who have given themselves to God that created such a wonderful feel about their relationships? Neither the Sisters of Tiffin nor the Monks at the Abbey were in a hurry. They talked slowly and without a lot of volume. When we talked with them, they looked into our eyes in order to understand what we were saying. When we walked with them, they were not in a hurry. They had an easy pace about their lives. I think I've learned again that I cannot be gentle with myself, the family or others when I'm in a hurry. Hurry and gentleness don't go together. I've a former student who prayed, "Lord, may I have the peace of Your pace."