Friday, September 27, 2013

50 years

Fifty  years ago Judy and I were married on August 16th.  Our wedding was in the First Baptist Church of Eufaula, Oklahoma.  The officiating minister was Judy's uncle, E. R.  Our best friends were in the wedding.  Our parents and grandparents celebrated with us.  I had just graduated from Oklahoma Baptist University and Judy had one more year before her graduation.  After the ceremony, we went to Branson, Missouri, for a honeymoon.  This was prior to Branson becoming a popular destination.  After our honeymoon, we returned to Shawnee, Oklahoma where we had a wonderful apartment which was in the county and over a garage.  Behind the garage and our apartment, our landlord kept a small herd of goats.  It was a wonderful first year.  Fifty years later we went to Amsterdam for our anniversary.  We spent a week making our way through Amsterdam's wonderful museums; sitting at sidewalk cafes watching the people and a variety of sidewalk entertainers.   We talked about our memories--which have been many.  It was a great 50th celebration and it has been a wonderful 50 years.  Deo gratis!