Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Piling On

When I was a child, we would play a game which we called "Piling On."  We would run around the neighborhood until someone was tackled and, then, everyone else would pile on.  When the pile was complete, we would un-pile and begin the running around again.  This wasn't a harmful game for us because there were only a few boys in the neighborhood to play and all of us were light-weights.  I've no idea where we got this game or if anyone else in the civilized world ever heard of or played it.  Sometimes life seems to pile on.  When some incident occurs, it seems that other situations come along to pile on top.  I assume that the good news is that after a period, the pile un-piles and regular life begins to run around again.  Our hope and prayer is that the pile doesn't become too heavy and it doesn't last too long.  When Jesus was  in the Garden of Gethsemane, I think his pile was getting heavy.  At least, Jesus knows what life is like when it begins to pile on.  He has been there and, therefore, is with us when life piles on.  The good news is not only that Jesus has experienced what we may be experiencing, but resurrection is coming and resurrection may be like getting out from under life's piles.