Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Music

I've been listening to a CD which I really like. It is a collection of songs by Peter, Paul and Mary. I like both their music and message. I can understand the words and the music isn't so fast or loud that I can't follow the story-line. The music seems to support and, not get in the way of the message. I also like their harmony. I think it is a real gift to sing with others and it sounds like it really belongs together. I wish more of us in the world could make harmony not just in music but, also, in theology, politics, etc. Evidently harmony doesn't mean that everyone sings the same note. It is our differences which are blended together in the same song and for a purpose more important than just my voice that makes beautiful harmony and music. I think their songs, many of which are about the events of the times, are prophetic. Their subtle and, sometimes not so subtle, challenge to the status-quo is refreshing. Of course, you will want to remember that I 'came of age' during the 60s and 70s when music spoke to the events of civil rights, war, poverty, etc. It is good to listen again to their music.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Choosing "All The Above"

There are a few times in life when we have the option of choosing all of our favorite things. Most of the time we have to choose one from several options but, occasionally we can have it all. Today is Labor Day. Everyone is sleeping late so I'm cooking breakfast. I have three favorite "dressings" for biscuits: Sorghum, lemon honey and black cherry jam. It is difficult to know which one is my favorite. So, on this holiday while everyone is sleeping, I've baked biscuits. I'm planning on eating three of them. One with each of my favorite dressings. Since someone has decreed that breakfast also involves some fruit, I'm eating some homemade apple sauce made by a colleague at the Center. This is a good beginning to a holiday. I like having the option of choosing "all the above." I'm also thinking about fixing some pancakes for supper. I've a friend who refers to pancakes as "wet bread." I think she doesn't know what good pancakes, real butter and honest Vermont maple syrup tastes like. Yes, I know about carbs, starches, etc. However, today is a holiday and I'll return to giving attention to a healthy diet tomorrow.