Saturday, January 21, 2012

Those Who Walk With God

How lovely are the faces of those who walk with God, Lit with an inner sureness of the path their feet have trod.
How gentle is the manner of those who walk with Him; no strength can overcome them, and no cloud their courage dim.
Keen are the hands and feet, Ah yes, of those who wait His will; and clear as crystal mirrors are the hearts His love does fill.
Some lives are drear from doubt and fear, while others merely plod; But lovely faces mark all those who walk and talk with God.
(An unknown author, "Those Who Walk With God" bookmark)

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Martin Luther King, Jr. celebration

Today is the Sunday of Martin Luther King, Jr's 2012 holiday celebration. I'm at home because of illness in the family. I decided this would be an excellent opportunity to watch and/or hear several church services. So, I tuned in. I watched and/or listened to several evangelical Protestant worship services this morning (where are the others?) None of the churches that I had tuned into spoke about Martin Luther King, Jr. and his message of prejudice that hinders equality. Why were these pulpits silent? One of our culture's significant problems is the failure of equality. That struggle is more subtle than in the past. We've legislated against the most obvious types of social segregation but, we have a lot of work to accomplish with personal and social prejudice. We deny prejudice in ourselves and that makes it difficult to root out. All the churches I listened to had well-planned worship services and they offered a variety of types of music to fit one's personal preferences. All of the preachers were excellent speakers. However, given this special holiday that not only honors the Christian Prophet of this generation but, also, draws our attention to the ministry of challenging prejudice, these churches were silent. I hope they aren't representative of most churches.