Saturday, September 3, 2011

Oh, The Titles We Wear

I recently talked with a gentleman who introduced himself as the Executive Director of an organization. Executive Director sounds impressive, and I noted that he used the title several times in our conversation. Later, I learned that the organization of which he is the Executive Director is comprised of himself, his son-in-law, who does sales, and a part-time secretary. He is not in a large organization, but, nevertheless, he wears an impressive title. Maybe titles mean more than they say. Perhaps titles have more to do with a person's need for prestige and self-image than they do with the actual work that is to be done. Perhaps titles are like clothes. Some folks wear clothes because of the name and prestige of the clothes designer and maker. There is some emblem on the shirt, blouse, pants, etc. Maybe those emblems are signs that the garment was made with special care and the extra stitch. I really don't know all that much about clothes. For some folks clothes are just that--clothing to cover the body and help keep one cool, warm, appropriate, etc. I have found it interesting to wonder why people 'wear' the various titles that they use.