Thursday, May 23, 2013

Happy Birthday, Bobby

68 years ago today, May 23rd, Bobby was born.  Bobby is my brother.  Unfortunately there were complications with his delivery.  Bobby was born a "blue baby" because the cord was around his neck depriving him of oxygen for a period.  This complication caused Bobby to be developmentally handicapped.  God did not make this happen and God could not have prevented this accident.  Accidents just happened.  Our family has been effected, affected and influenced by Bobby's situation for all of our lives.  For example, Bobby's situation was prior to any special education in the public schools so our family moved where there was an available Catholic school.  Living with Bobby was a strong motivation for me to study Psychology in College and, also, Special Education and Educational Psychology in a Master's program.  When I discovered Dr. Oates at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary who was combining theology and psychology, I was motivated to go to the Seminary in Louisville.  I was blessed to have been Pastor of a Church for 21 years that had a significant ministry with the mentally handicapped and their families.  Today I am a Psychotherapist and I sit with many families struggling to accept and deal with life's circumstances that cannot be fixed.  Bobby has been a significant influence regarding who I am and what I have done and continue to do.  Bobby has been a life-changing blessing.  Happy Birthday, Bobby.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Sometimes things just don't work out as expected

My brother broke his leg several weeks ago and is now with us.  They couldn't do surgery because of infection so they put him in an external support made of rods.  After a couple of weeks, his foot somehow slid to the side of the rod that went through his heel causing a new wound and additional infection.  On the way to the Surgeon's office, the air conditioning in the car ceased putting out cool air.  The next day that auto was in the shop getting the air conditioning fixed.  I was to take the pickup to their shop and exchange for the auto since the pickup also needed some repairs.  However, when I tried to start the pickup, it wouldn't start.  It had to be 'jumped' and a new battery installed in addition to other repairs.  Today I received a call from my brother's Social Worker because a State Office wouldn't talk with her about an issue relating to my brother.  The State Office receptionist said they didn't have the proper paper work signed by me so the Social Worker wasn't allowed to speak with anyone.  I signed that paper in their office a couple of days ago and both his Social Worker and I have copies.  In times like these, it is a good thing to have a sense of humor and take a nap.